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Congratulations Star polar ice machine festive new plant relocation

Congratulations Star polar ice machine festive new plant relocation

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Guangzhou City Star Appliance Co., Ltd. extreme hot and cold end of 2012 the overall move. The new plant is located in Guangdong Province, Baiyun District, Ha Tsuen Longgui Park industrial area, its beautiful environment, plant spacious, comfortable office, the new plant, the new King, a new atmosphere!
Star polar ice machine today, the combination of all the stars very human effort, is a scratch, from small to large history of struggle. With the continuous expansion of the market share, the original company production workshop, office and storage space can not meet the needs of the company to continue to develop. Star polar ice machine investment and construction of the new plant is set office, production, sales as one of the modern standard workshop, to be able to provide customers with better quality and better service to lay a good foundation.
New plant production capacity to increase substantially ahead of peers. Which uses the most top fiber laser cutting machine equipment and the latest CNC lathes and other equipment, is currently rare in the industry, we can see the development of satellite polar ice machine innovation, determination and confidence! The new plant will no doubt put to use throughout the enterprise development and the interests of users provides an extremely strong protection! Also means that the company leading to the road ahead, once again taken a solid step forward!
Bright and spacious factory space, safety professional production environment, elegant office environment and comfortable living area, in the new environment, the star polar ice machine for the new and old customers to provide better products, faster, better, and more peace of mind service!
Guangzhou City Star extremely hot electrical staff will fight side by side in unity with the times, writing brilliant music, create brilliant! !
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