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Guangzhou Xinji Hot and cold Appliance Co., Ltd.

Company Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District Longgui Village Industrial Park East Avenue, next D, the 3rd one
Bank: Bank of Guangzhou Branch of the Central City East


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Guangzhou City Star extremely cold Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and sale of edible ice, ice machines, ice machines, commercial ice machine, snow machine whole series of large-scale modern enterprise.

The company created a constant temperature testing chamber, the introduction of fully automated production lines, advanced laser cutting machine, CNC lathe, high pressure foaming equipment; With High-Tech R & D experience and the accumulation of long-term production, the introduction of "XJ" series of products, the maximum extent improve the speed of the ice machine, so as to achieve the purpose of saving resources; its main structure are used world-renowned imported parts, stable quality, long service life much longer than ordinary ice machine, quality worthy of the trust of users.




Guangzhou Xinji Hot and cold Appliance Co., Ltd.

Star polar ice machine simple and elegant design, elegant appearance. Ice velocity in ensuring the premise, the same output on the market than smaller ice machine, saving users valuable space. Star polar ice machine ice cube, fine shape, crystal clear, solid and easy to melt, can rapidly cooling food.
2010 "Star polar ice machine" original "first start automatic cleaning function" (ice more health, more transparent.) And the "temperature control cooling function" (in the case of temperature below 23 ℃, the fan automatically stops cooling. more energy efficient and environmentally friendly!!). Star pole products, and always adhering to the concept of the pursuit of perfection, innovation, forge ahead!
The company has a sound and effective management system. Passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification and CE certification; and in 2010 made the first "ice machine industry performance standards."

All along, the "Star polar ice machine" to "pole star quality, star selection, Star Service" as the slogan, continuous research and development in technology and innovation for the purpose of providing our customers with the best quality and most machines improve service.
"Star Pole" ice machines, widely used in hotels, medical facilities, restaurant chains, bars, food, fresh frozen seafood and a variety of other places. Star pole has covered major, medium and small cities, and exported to Europe and Southeast Asia.

Untied & Progressive, Struggling & Reciprocal, Dedicated & Professional,

Perfect Service

Enterprising Spirit
A company can succeed only by developing the spirit of “Hardworking & Precipitant”, but the spirit is not the ultimate goal. Last success has created a new platform and laid a solid foundation for the next one. If following the law, the company can develop better; if stagnating, the company will be surpassed by competitors, in a bad situation and even kicked out. Hence, there is no end but a new starting point on the way of pioneering. We can survive and develop enterprisingly.

Collaborative Spirit
Each department or employee is relatively independent but connected in general. So people often say “Base on Duty, Think Globally”. In the critical moment, “it’s just like playing chess: success or failure depends on each step”. “One false move may lose the game”. If the game is lost, what does it matter even if someone is much capable? Therefore, the collaborative spirit is the symbol of an overall concept.