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Mr. Chen Chengyong

Mr. Chen Chengyong

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Graduated from Mechanical Engineering, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada, 1973.
After that, he worked on various types of mechanical design work in Canada.
In 1998, I returned to Hong Kong to set up the "Hong Kong Eternal Refrigeration Engineering Company"---- is a team specialized in technology research and development, improvement, repair, and sales of various types of refrigeration equipment, cold storage, ice machine, and freezer.
In 1998, "Hong Kong Ligao Refrigeration Co., Ltd." was established. Professional responsible for agency and research and development. Improve, repair, and sell ice machines from well-known brands around the world, including the Star Ice Machine.
In October 2014, it was officially appointed as “Enterprise Technical Consultant” by “Star Extreme Ice Machine”.
Over the past 25 years, I have devoted myself to studying the internal structure, system matching, technical differences and technical interoperability of ice cube ice machines around the world. There are considerable theories and strong practical experience in the innovation and system improvement of the ice machine technology.
Since the establishment of the "Star Pole Ice Machine", it has never stopped the guidance on the improvement and innovation of the "Star Ice Machine".
Under the guidance of Mr. Chen Chengyong, “Star Pole Ice Machine” is comparable to American and Italian ice machines in terms of product quality, ice making speed, fault prevention, energy saving and environmental protection.
Mr. Chen Chengyong officially joined the star pole and directly guided the star technology, which will make the quality of the “Star Ice Machine” more perfect and the performance is even better.